Graduation Photo Suao

Mixed Media Installation, 2020
180 x 120cm x 5pcs

The public spaces in Suao are familiar to people and full of memories, such as cold spring, train station, temple, school and lane. During the two-month stay in Suao, the graduates are ushering in the next stage of life. I interviewed thirteen students of different ages from SAMFS , Suao Middle School and Suao Elementary School. They shared with me an unforgettable story in the memory of Suao life. This story may not have any important historical significance, but it shows the feelings and imagination of the young generation about this town. These portraits named as graduation photos, the background is not only a beautiful campus, but also the story spread all over the corner of Suao. This piece is set in front of Suao Railway Station, and is provided to the people and tourists . Another imagination of the travel path. The young silhouette and face also describe the possibility of the city's future change.