Room 883

Mixed Media Installation, 2018

Room 883 is a comfortable room that cannot be reserved. You do not need any fees, you may freely enter the room or sit or lie down, find your most comfortable position to rest, and enjoy the furnishings and views in the room. 883 is also a place shared by many people. Aroma, bed sheets, bed cover, sheets, clothes, toothbrushes, toilet paper, towels, TV ... Every item, decoration and smells are carefully taken care of.

The hotel's rooms provide travelers with a safe, comfortable and intimate resting place. It is also a place that you must stay for a long period of time while traveling and sightseeing. Enjoy the hotel's attentive and comfortable service during the trip, while also feeling the neat, low-key, quiet rooms. It shows the profession's persistence and division of work of many workers and local industry. Everything about design, aesthetic, and cleanness comes from many subtle, thoughtful ideas.

In this resident creation project of The Place Tainan, I have extended a series of dialogues on related work and connections of industry through video and sound recordings, installations, interviews, etc., and from the soft sheets and quilts in the room. Let us have the opportunity to observe, connect, think, and re-present this private and open field. From the soft materials such as sheets, quilts, towels, and uniforms and showing how to use, convert, clean, fold, and transport, we will showcase many interesting stories and narratives.